Dat is a light-weight solution to building schema's for MongoDB with Python. The overall design of this project is heavily inspired by Django's ORM but is trimmed down and tightly coupled to Mongo's API. This means that it is not currently possible to change the backend database technology to say PostgreSQL or redis. If you're looking for a more performant database engine TokuMx is a Mongo engine alternative that apparently works seamlessly with MongoDB drivers. What this means is that you can use a cloud service such as ClouDB and connect to it in exactly the same way you would connect to the MongoDB engine on say MongoHQ or Compose.io but experience up to 50x performance improvements. Read more TokuMX here.

The story behind the name is simple. I don't ever want my co-workers to ever use .csv or .dat files for data-science ever again. So because "dat" is short and sweet I chose dat as the name (ha ha, get it?!). Conveniently it also serves as a constant reminder of hell that is poorly managed data and that the goal here is to create an easy to use interface for Mongo document storage.